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CBD (short for: Cannabidiol) is a compound extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant, also known as the Hemp plant.
Unlike the related THC, another cannabinoid that’s a main active ingredient in Hemp, CBD/Hemp is not psychoactive; which means it will not alter your mental state.Hemp is multi-target, which means it acts on several receptors rather than just one or two hence it can be used for a range of uses. With roots from Central Asia CBD has been used medicinally + for rituals since 750 BC.

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CBD Capsules

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Smono 3 – Screens x3

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Smono CBD 2 Vaporizer

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Smono Dab Vaporizer

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Smono CBD 1 Vaporizer

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CBD Candies Lemon Hempvizer

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Hempella Nut Nougat Cream Hempvizer

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CBD Brownie Naturecan

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Hempvizer T-shirts

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Hempvizer Gift Card

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Give yourself some time and self love with our Hemp enriched skincare and beauty range. Hemp has nourishing qualities for sensitive skin and can also help to prevent breakouts and redness. Our beauty range is made with the finest ingredients and naturally of course organic. Treat yourself, your skin will thank you.


From CBD flowers, dozens of long papers, a variety of filters, an array of edibles, also eliquids to vaporizers and everything in between for your CBD relaxation leisure time.  Take time for your wellbeing and treat yourself to some rest and relaxation, from chocolate to pasta treat yourself with all our variety of treats we have to offer.

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Hempvizer CBD + MCT Oil Full Spectrum

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CBD Flowers Moon Rock 30-35% CBD

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CBD Hash Natur Pollen 5-10% CBD

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CBD Flowers Blue Dream 8-13% CBD

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CBD Flowers Strawberry 5-10% CBD

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CBD Hash Charas 5-10% CBD

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CBD Flowers OG Kush 8-13% CBD

22,00 48,00  price including tax

CBD Flower Critical Mass 5-10% CBD

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Add some hemp oil to your salad and toss in some hemp seeds, or cook some hemp pasta for a slightly slower release. Perhaps some hemp protein powder in your morning smoothie. CBD directly in the stomach helps balance your natural  PH. With Hemp in your kitchen it’s a great way of including Hemps healing properties into your daily routine.





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