Hemp & CBD Anti-sweat Deodorizing Foot Cream

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With Sunflower oil, organic Hemp oil, Rice starch, Olive oil fraction, vegetable Glycerine, Allantoin, Zinc Ricinoleate, Iceland Moss extract, organic Oat extract, organic Calendula extract, pure organic Palmarosa essential oil, pure natural essential oil of Eucalyptus Globulus, pure organic Peppermint essential oil, pure natural essential oil of Tea Tree, pure natural essential oil of Rosemary, CBD, Vitamin E, Rosemary leaves extract, Tara gum (Carruba Peruviana).

75 ml

Gives freshness and new energy to the feet, counteracting the unwelcome effect of sweating. It effectively deodorizes the skin and softens the calluses. Soothes the skin and preserves its hygiene. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the feet, making it soft and velvety thanks to the highest quality organic Hemp oil. Pure organic essential oils of Eucalyptus and Peppermint give new vitality and freshness to tired feet. Tea Tree oil ensures hygiene and purifies the skin by counteracting excessive sweating. The Iceland Moos gives wonderful deodorant properties and the pure natural essential oil of Rosemary completes the cream synergistically, thanks to its strong antioxidant action.

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