Hemp Apple Juice 300ml


100% natural Apple juice with hemp extract. Contains no sugar, artificial flavoring, or preservatives.
Certification: CZ-BIO-002



Apple juice with hemp extract in BIO quality

100% Apple juice thickened through water evaporation and mixed with hemp extract. This juice contains no added sugars or preservatives. You may use this juice for making beverages (by dilution), as a sweetener or decorating of desserts.

Made from Czech apples and Czech hemp only.

Apples supply our bodies with energy and vitamins. Hemp supports our natural immunity.

15 Apples were used in the production of one bottle of juice. 

How to use apple juice with hemp extract

Recommended dilution 1:12.  From this bottle, you can prepare up to 4 liters of juice.

Ingredients in apple juice with hemp extract

95 % apple concentrate
5 % hemp extracted from Cannabis Sativa (water extract from the flowers, leaves, and seeds of Cannabis Sativa)

Content: 300ml


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