Hemp Protein Bar with Tribulus


A protein bar, hand-made from 100% natural ingredients in RAW quality with 10% content of hemp protein and with the addition of Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris).



Hemp protein bar with Tribulus, 60g

A hand-made protein bar with hemp protein, which is one of the most absorbable and nutritious proteins. Dates, carob, and raisins give the bar a fruity and sweet taste. Tribulus adds to the performance of the energy bar.

Tribulus (green viagra) stimulates physical and mental activity, is a natural aphrodisiac and a great source of energy.

Chia seeds are considered to be an Aztec treasure, with its origin in the current region of Guatemala and Mexico. Chia seeds help to ease digestion and therefore manage to save our energy.

Ideal as a snack between main meals or simply as an energy supplement after training exercise.

Ingredients in the protein bar with Tribulus

Ingredients: dates, raisins, hemp protein 10%, carob, Tribulus terrestris

Nutritional values in 100g

Energy: 1218kJ/291kcal
Fat: 1,6g
– unsaturated fats: 0,3g
Carbohydrates: 67g
– sugar: 52g
Fiber: 6,9g
Protein: 7,6g
Salt: 0,01g


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