Hemp Soap with Aloe Vera – Bottega Della Canapa


Hemp Soap With Aloe Vera by Bottega Della Canapa



Natural Hemp Soap with added Aloe Vera, this beautiful organic soap is ideal for your bath and body! Using Hemp Oil and Hemp extracts this soap lathers into a rich and creamy foam, which leaves your skin feeling refreshed and lively. Relieve the stress and strains of modern live with this organic, natural, skin care product.

Bottega Della Canapa produces high quality natural hemp based cosmetics in the heart of Italy. Organic skin care is important these days, you want only natural products next to your skin, created from organic ingredients to the highest standards. Bottega Della Canapa realises this and produces a full range of natural hair products too.

Leave your skin feeling delightfully soft and nourished with Aloe Vera Hemp Soap. Creating a thick and foamy lather, this glycerine soap gives leaves your skin fresh and lively, relieving the stress and strain of modern life.

Ingredients: Sodium Cocoate, Potassium Cocoate, Water, Glycerine, Hemp Oil


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