Hemp Tea with Fresh Mint – 50g


Hemp tea mint for healthy sleep, regeneration, pain relief and improving digestion.

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Young hemp – dietary supplement 100g

Young hemp is a powder of early harvested hemp herb. The plant is bright green, fresh and full of power, which is yet to be put in seeds and flowers. Vitamins and chlorophyll predominate over cannabinoids at this stage. The herb is dried to a low temperature to 40 ° C and ground to a fine powder. Focus: detoxification, healthy nutrition, immune support, regeneration and cell renewal.

Detoxification, healthy nutrition, immune support, regeneration and cell renewal

Chlorophyll in Young hemp

Chlorophyll is a pigment that gives plants a green color, also called plant blood. Because of its similarity to human blood (hemoglobin), chlorophyll has a beneficial effect on blood, where it helps to transfer oxygen to the cells in the body. Chlorophyll also has great detoxication and defensive functionality. The content of chlorophyll in young hemp even exceeds the content of more famous green plants such as barley, chlorella or spirulina.


100% Young Hemp Powder

How to Use Young Hemp

  • into the smoothie
  • into juices

Recommended daily dose: 5-10g.

Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage.


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